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TripleA is committed to supplying the very best in refined protein, specifically aimed at young and sensitive animals.


Driven by a passion for quality in every aspect of animal feeding, we produce advanced protein solution, AX3® benefiting customer and producer alike.. 


Formulating the perfect feed is a delicate matter, and the growing demand for food for the world´s ever-increasing population calls for new, clever ways to optimise use of sources of – vegetable – protein. However, the challenge is to ensure high protein content, palatability and digestibility while also promoting growth. At TripleA, we take this one step further: AX3® must be better than traditional options.


‘As good as’ just isn’t good enough!


Quality of production, execution of orders and delivery is key to our quality management system. Consequently, we are GMP+ certified with a B2 permit. Our production facilities are in Denmark, and therefore both production and AX3® products comply with European feed legislation. 


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SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre - Axelborg, Axeltorv 3 - 1609 - Copenhagen V - Denmark