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DLG and Vilofoss, united in the DLG Group, are committed to supporting the farmer in optimizing his production economy. We play an important role in delivering both present and future solutions for food production, both both in and outside Denmark.


In the development and production of our pig feed, we focus on animal health and performance - without increasing feed costs for Danish and international pig producers. Even though weaning without veterinary zinc oxide is a big challenge, it can be solved. The costs of such concepts are decreasing, but still is significantly higher than using zinc oxide.


The continuous R&D work of Vilofoss/DLG has produced strong, nutritional and functional solutions, supported by on-farm technical advice from our extension workers. Realizing that even such strong feed solutions need to be supported by management, Vilofoss/DLG – through the on-farm technical advice – actively participates to ensure the best possible results for our customers.


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SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre - Axelborg, Axeltorv 3 - 1609 - Copenhagen V - Denmark