DanBred is one of the world’s leading international pig breeding companies.


High-growth pig producers around the world choose DanBred for optimal and predictable business results, based on a foundation of well documented genetics and a comprehensive service solution offering.


DanBred sets long-term and balanced breeding goals, which are revised every few years to ensure that the genetic gain in DanBred Duroc, DanBred Landrace, and DanBred Yorkshire delivers maximum profit, creating a sustainable high return on investment in leading production herds. Furthermore, DanBred is also the first breeding company in the world to use genomic information from 100% of GGP and GP animals when calculating index. This makes the DanBred index the most modern in the world, and it is both very accurate and highly reliable.


DanBred P/S is owned by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Danish Agro and the former DanBred International A/S (now Holdingselskabet DBI A/S).


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