6 March


Panel 1


Andreas Mørkved Hellenes - The Nordic folk high school in Geneva and the discovery of social democratic Scandinavia


Birthe Larsen - Should I Stay or Must I Go? 


Carolin Schütze - Feeling fear. Bureaucrats perceptions of migration in times of polarisation and notions of insecurity


Elin Åström Rudberg - Reappraising Nordic cooperation and Americanization in the Swedish advertising industry in the 1930s


Haakon Ikonomou -  Scandinavia articulated: Constructions of Scandinavia within the League Secretariat


Julieta Coles-Kemp - Migration of EU Romani Population to Sweden in a Post-Brexit Era: case studies from two Romanian villages


Lizzie Coles-Kemp - A Digital Civic Turn: Designing for refugee transitions in Sweden

Pontus Järvstad - A Contemporary Conceptual Equivalence of Cold War Totalitarianism?Populism as an All-Encompassing Pejorative Ideology


Panel 2


Bjarke Refslund - Migrant Workers Trapped between Individualism and Collectivism - the Formation of Union-Based Workplace Collectivism


Elin Ennerberg - Fast track to the labour market? Analysing newly arrived migrants’ routes into the teaching profession


Emilie Yliheljo - Promoting sustainable choices in business – the role of emission information*


Haakon A Ikonomou Nordic Mariners 


Jon Kvist - Does the Nordic welfare model fit the jobs of the future?


Mats Nilsson - Decreasing trust and increasing nationalism in the Nordic electricity market


Michael Bennedsen Hansen - National Narratives of the Nordic Mariner


Peter Stadius - Nordism as ideology in the early years of the Norden Associations


Thomas Babila Sama - Alcohol industry strategies to influence the overall reform of the law on alcohol in Finland


Thomas Bredgaard - Integration of Refugees on the Danish Labor Market'


Zhen Im - Automation and welfare benefit conditionality: the impact of occupational vulnerability to technological unemployment and citizens’ support for sanctions on unemployment benefit


Peter Stadius - Nordism as ideology in the early years of the Norden Associations


7 March


Panel 3


Aleksandra Paravina - Implementation of EU minority rights policies in education and work life of Russian nationals in Estonia


Anna Kuokkanen - The development of employee participation discourse in Finnish personnel management 1980–2018


Badescu, Ciprian - Diverging ‘Worlds’ of Welfare Capitalism: State of the Art Review


Carl Marklund Dual - Double Loyalties? Small-State Solidarity and the Debates on New International Economic Order (NIEO) in Sweden During the Long 1970s


Kärrylä, Ilkka - Local Bargaining on wages and work hours as ’participation’ in the thought and practice of Finnish Labour Market Parties, 1980s–2000s


Sami Outinen - Labour Market Activation and Social Inclusion in Employment and Unemployment Security Policy in Finland 1991–2018. Multilayered Historicity and Transnational Connections. An Overview.


Tuva Nodeland - Forgotten voices – The Roma Holocaust in Norwegian social studies and history textbooks


Darshi Thoradeniya - Swedish Development aid in post 1977 Sri Lanka


Panel 4


Bodo Steiner - Public sector innovations for behavioural change: A comparative institutional perspective on the world’s behavioural insights units


Byron Z. Rom - Jensen - Translating Nordic EqualitySwedish Gender Equality Policy in the President’s Commission on the Status of Women, 1961-1963


Emilia Korkea - aho - Why Nordic countries do not have lobbying registers?


Jayeon Lindellee - Silent institutionalization of complementary benefits for the unemployed in Sweden


Johan Stenfeldt - Negotiating the Experience of Communism. Rhetorical Strategies and Uses of History in Swedish debates


Jon Kvist - Is the Nordic welfare model not for relatives?


Rasmus Glenthøj - Is the Nordic welfare model not for relatives?


Roald Berg - Norwegian foreign politics during the union period with Sweden (1814-1905)


Sigrun Marie Moss - Branding gender equality efforts as Norwegian. The current Norwegian campaign for a seat on the Security council


Tori Loven - Business and or human rights? 


Trine P Larsen - Inclusive measures and atypical workers – sign of solidarity or self-interest? The Janus face of inclusiveness


Panel 5


Matilda Hällström - Lost and found: Nordic Identity and peace in the post-Cold War era


Barbora Žiačková - Imagining the (Modern) Viking 


Caroline de la Porte - An EU home-run against all odds: the case of the work-life balance directive


Frederik Ørskov - Fredrik Bajer and the Scandinavist Origins of Nordic Peace


Johan Strang - Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS)


Mathias Hein Jessen - Civil Society as Value and Resource


Mats Fred - Implementing EU Cohesion policy through projects - comparing the emergence of agents and institutional architectures in Sweden and Finland


Merle Weßel - Eugenics as Feminist Method of Female Marginalization in the Nordic Countries in the Interwar Period


Mitchell Dean - Rethinking Neoliberalism for the Nordics


Niklas Olsen - The Sovereign Consumer:Transformations of Social Democratic Ideology, 1980-2000


Thorbjörn Nilsson - Anticommunism in Scandinavia – a new perspective (5c)


Trine P Larsen - Regulating the temporary work agency sector – The effects and implications of EU’s directive in the Nordics


Caroline de la Porte - The European Pillar of Social Rights meets the Nordic model


Fredrik Engelstad - Voluntary organizations in democrazy 


Panel 6


Anna Bark Persson - Monsters in the Frozen Wilderness: ‘The North’ as a Place of Man-Making in Contemporary Fantasy Literature


Ida Lunde Jørgensen - Identity Narratives and Images about Cultural Diversity at Cultural History Museums in Denmark


Jack Dyce - Imagining Norden - branding and Nordic reputation


Jana Lainto - “Sweden, a small nation once feared by the whole of Europe”: PortrayingSweden through the Czech travelogues of the late nineteenth-century


Jon Kvist - How does the Nordic and other European national welfare models conform to EU social policy ideals? A fuzzy-set ideal type analysis of policy models in social protection and inclusion in EU 28, Iceland and Norway


Michael H. Feldballe Hansen - Is policy development a two-way process?An analysis of social policy development in Nordic Countries


Niels Fulgsang - Politics against economic models: How economic models and EU rules disarmed the politicians and saved the economy of Denmark.


Tirzah Jensen - Governing the Racialized Homo Oeconomicus:Nationalism, Neoliberalism, and Citizenship in Danish Welfare Discourse


Paolo Borioni - From Parity regime to ordoliberal hyerachial regulations? Ideas and concepts for the description of social and ideology change in the Nordic countries


8 March


Panel 7


Andreas Hellenes - Uses of the European past: Neo-gustavianism as a Swedish liberal-conservative branding strategy


Hallvard Notaker - Beacons of Purity: History and eternity in the Nordic Nature Conservation Day 1970


Ingela Nauman - Why Swedes trust the State and Scots don’t. An exploration of the religiousfoundations of state - citizens relations in modern welfare systems.


Robert Saunders - Nordic Television Drama, Screened (Geo)Politics and the Refugee Crisis


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