In your abstract submission, please indicate which panel you would like to participate in. The panels are listed according to the six themes of ReNEW. If your paper does not fit any of the panels, then we will consider it for an open panel session.




1. Nordic cooperation and region-building


Nordic states shaping their neighborhood in the post-Cold War era: evaluations of the past three decades' experience and prospects for the future


Balancing Regional and State Interests: Nordic Policies towards East Asia in the Arctic


Norden at the end of history


2. Democracy, governance and law


Neoliberalism in the Nordics developing an absent theme




Roundtable: The End of the Associational Norden?


Nordic populism


Nordic Civil Society in an Associational World


The Global Rise of the Populist Right: Echoes in the Nordic Countries


Democratic governance in times of globalization: causes, effects and solutions


3. Public policy, gender equality and labour markets


Participations' in work life and labour market problematisations and solutions


The Nordic Model meets the European Union


Inequality in the Nordic Countries


Labour market integration of EU and third country migrants in Nordic countries


Nordic variations in integration of refugees and migrants


Public policy, current and future challenges


4. Imagining Norden - branding and Nordic reputation


Nordic internationalisms in the 1930s


A Nordic worldview? The Nordics in the world


Branding the Nordics: Imagining the future - (prod)using the past


5. Multiculturalim and globalization


Voices from the margin(s) - Historical and Comtemporary Perspectives on Diverse Nordic Experiences


Nordic Mariniers and Globalization from Below


Minorities as migrants - transnational otherness and experiences of migration in the Nordics realm in the 20th and 21st century


6. Nordic culture, education and media


Representations of ethnic and religious minorities on Nordic educational media


Convergences and conflicts amnong Nordic Lutheran states-long path dependencies


Facing Nordic Challenges from a Media Studies Perspective


Screening the Crisis: Nordic Television Drama, Geopolitics and Global Challenges 


Culture and Identity creation

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