ReNEW brings together the six Nordic universities; University of Helsinki, University of Oslo, Södertörn University, University of Aarhus, Copenhagen Business School and University of Iceland, in one strategic hub, with world-wide connections, in the study of Norden in an evolving world. It involves diverse strands of scholarship, uniting existing research initiatives within the social sciences and humanities that engage with Norden.

ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World) aims at developing path-breaking research on the Nordic region against the background of an increasingly challenging global context. The Nordic region has attracted global interest in the last decade. It is seen as a blue-print in combining economic competitiveness and innovation with social equality and well-being. Topping global indexes of happiness, competitiveness and equality, the Nordic states featured as models in the presidential election campaigns in both the US 2016 and France 2017, in the Brexit and Scottish independence referenda, and in debates over gender policy, education and social investment in the EU and beyond. This interest has created demand for knowledge about Nordic societies and institutions, ranging from the economics of the tripartite model and small state internationalism to the cultural innovations of new Nordic cuisine, Nordic design and Nordic noir. The idealization of the region has, however, been tempered the electoral success of right-wing populists and by criticisms of the Nordic countries, for example over their treatment of asylum-seekers and non-western immigrants. And to be sure, dystopian images of the Nordic countries are also frequently circulated abroad. It is these and other challenges that is the starting point for the research focus of ReNEW. The activities of ReNEW are annual conferences, workshops, mobility, summer-schools, Ph.d training and outreach activities.


Read more about ReNEW here https://www.helsinki.fi/en/researchgroups/reimagining-norden-in-an-evolving-world

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