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How should concerns about inequality influence the choices that countries make in the design of their international tax laws and regulations?  What role do international tax rules play in reducing (or exacerbating) inequalities of income and wealth, and how do concerns such as gender and racial inequalities inform and intersect with economic and political concerns?  Can tax rules, for example, allow wealthier countries to help pull poorer countries out of poverty?  Will political systems be willing to use tax policy to address the effects of continuing discrimination in employment, housing, and other areas of people’s live?


The conference seeks to bring together researchers who are at the forefront of their respective fields in order to identify, discuss, and perhaps most importantly, to underline future challenges associated with inequality in the international tax context. The conference is in not limited to tax scholars or legal scholars in general but is instead open to all fields that cross into the core of international taxation, including political science, economics, sociology and philosophy.


General information

The tax group at CBS Law, through Assistant professor Yvette Lind, organizes an international (two day) conference 14-15 September 2020.  The conference focuses on inequality within international taxation.


In addition to giving scholars the possibility to present and publish themselves, the conference will facilitate international networking for both junior and senior researchers, collaboration between different research disciplines and acknowledgment of scholarly work through two awards.


Specific themes/tracks at the conference:

  • Social inequality
  • Political inequality
  • Gender inequality
  • Economic inequality


These themes are naturally linked to the core of international taxation, but not necessarily from a traditional legal perspective. Interdisciplinary work is strongly encouraged, and we hope to see applicants from disciplines such as economics, political science, philosophy and sociology.



Deadline for abstracts has been postponed from 1 May to 1 June due to COVID-19 outbreak.  Conference is planned to take place on original dates. Additional questions can be sent to

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) - Solbjerg Plads 3 - 2000 - Frederiksberg - +45 38153815 -