Inequality and Redistribution – Current research and perspectives


Andrea Martinangeli and Lisa Windsteiger are both post-docs at the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance (Germany) and work on inequality and the determinants of preferences for redistribution, tax compliance and evasion in the light of (perceptions of) inequality and people’s positioning in the income distribution. Use lab and survey experiments as well as theoretical models.



Taxation as a tool for regulating migrations – comparative examples from a Swedish lens


Mats Tjernberg is a Professor of Public Law at the Faculty of Law, Lund University (Sweden). Tjernberg´s research is mainly focused on tax law interpretation and business taxation, but in recent years also taxation and social welfare benefits for migrants. He is currently part of the project “Mutual legal and economic conditions for successful integration”, funded by The Kamprad Family Foundation.




Reducing Inequality Is the Proper Goal of Policy (Including Tax Policy)


Neil H. Buchanan is a James J. Freeland Eminent Scholar Chair in Taxation and Director of Global Scholarly Initiatives at Levin College of Law, University of Florida (USA). Neil H. Buchanan is a Professor of Law at the University of Florida,  He holds Ph.D.'s in both economics and law, and his research draws on both fields of expertise.  He is internationally recognized for his work on intergenerational justice and for his critique of orthodox economic theory, he has published ground-breaking analyses of constitutional limitations on government budgeting decisions, and he has written extensively on retirement issues with particular focus on the U.S. Social Security system.





Inequalities and the International Tax Regime


Peter Hongler is a Professor of Tax Law at the Law School, University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). Hongler´s research is largely focused on the concept of justice in the context of international taxation.



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Tsilly Dagan is a Professor in Taxation at the Faculty of Law, Oxford University (UK)



Everybody knows the poor stay poor, the rich get richer – Critical reflections on political inequality between mobile taxpayers


Yvette Lind is an assistant professor in tax law at CBS Law, Copenhagen Business school (Denmark). Lind´s research explores international taxation from a broader perspective and emphasises both challenges experienced by individual taxpayers and (domestic and international) tax policy, most commonly through comparative studies.




Global tax trends for social change


Åsa Gunnarsson is a Professor in Tax Law at Umeå University (Sweden). Gunnarsson is a tax law professor with expertise in tax policy issues and tax theory. She has addressed various forms of tax law related inequality issues. In her thesis, published in 1995, the doctrine of tax fairness principles was discussed. Based on social contract theory and a welfare state context, questions about the fair relation between obligations and rights have been a leading theme in the work of professor Gunnarsson. During 2015-2019 she coordinated a Horizon2020 project on fair and sustainable taxation related to future European societal challenges.

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