Driving Competitiveness through Servitization:

The Impact of Interconnectivity and Big Data Analytics


Copenhagen Business School is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2017. It is our pleasure to host the 9th Service Operations Management Forum during this auspicious year. This is a joint EurOMA and EURAM initiative, supported by CBS Competitiveness Platform.

Servitization, or adding services to the manufacturing product, has become a strategy for increasing financial margins, getting closer to the customer and prolonging product lives. A growing share of the revenue of manufacturers is generated from services often with a potential for earning higher margins. However embarking on the servitization journey is not an easy task. Not only do firms need to learn and accept new paradigms, they need to stay proactive and innovative in order to compete, and even to survive. In doing so, firms have to align servitization with operations strategy and make the right choices and tradeoffs between performance objectives, such as cost efficiency, quality, speed, flexibility, dependability and innovation.

There is a number of opportunities and challenges when implementing servitization. Advancement in the information and communication technologies has enabled seamless modes of communications and information exchange channels, both in breadth and in depth. The vast amount of data generated provides manufacturers the opportunities to capitalize on such data, but many manufacturers don’t quite know how to do it. One challenge is the growing operational complexity associated with big data analytics and digitalization.

The aim of the Service Operations Management Forum is to create an enriched opportunity for participants to debate as well as to share knowledge and experience in servitization.


Topics for the forum include, but are not limited to:

  • The role and impact of digitalization
  • Big data analytics
  • Extension of business models
  • Emergence of ecosystems
  • Extending value propositions
  • Service and product design strategies
  • Pricing
  • OPEX and CAPEX
  • Strategical considerations
  • Change management
  • Performance measures
  • Contracting risks
  • Total cost of ownership and life cycle cost analysis
  • Human resource management
  • Operations strategies

We invite academics, practitioners, and doctoral students to submit working or research papers. We also welcome proposals for special sessions. Participants are expected to submit an extended abstract of maximum 2,000 words. Note that abstracts rather than full papers are requested.



Registration deadline: 14 December 2016

Please note there will be an informal reception on Wednesday, 18 January at 19:00 (optional).

You can register for this pre-event when signing up for the conference: Click here to sign up



Seminar 17-18 January

In conjunction with the SOMF conference, we are also hosting the 7th International Seminar on Service Modularity: Architectures, Platforms and Interfaces, at CBS, 17-18 January 2017. The seminar is free of charge. Please find more information about registration and submissions for the seminar here.






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