SCOS conference 2021: Difference

Welcome to the 38th Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS). 


The SCOS 2021 conference will take place online between 5-6 July, 2021. The conference is hosted by Copenhagen Business School.


The SCOS 2021 conference will be about Difference. Differences fascinate us, and they frighten us. To remain competitive, companies need to be different, but they also imitate and thus ultimately resemble each other. The same with humans: we want to stand out, to be different – just not too different. With this conference, we want to bring together organizational scholars who share a common interest in this theme. We encourage contributors to draw on the rich traditions of the social sciences, humanities and arts, as these stand at the vanguard of difference as a concept to be used in the study of social reality. We are seeking contributions that look into how difference practices unfold in organizations and how we can begin to think differently about processes of organizing.


On this webpage, you will find the call for abstracts, information about registration, program for the conference, information about the keynote speakers and contact information.


In addition to this webpage, you can also find information about the conference on the SCOS Facebook page:


Any inquires related to the conference should be directed to the email address 


The main organizers are Annette Risberg, Sara Louise Muhr and Christian Garmann Johnsen. The conference will be hosted by the Department of Management, Society and Communication, the Department of Organization and the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), as well as the CBS Business in Society Platform for Diversity and Difference.







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