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Generating knowledge and connecting professionals

Supply Chain Media sets itself apart through its ability to connect people, in combination with its commitment to disseminating and sharing unique, high-quality content in various languages. The partner network can make use of best practices – such as innovative mind maps, subway maps and self-assessment tools – but there are also custom-made opportunities to develop co-creations which draw on a partner’s in-depth knowledge and expertise.
Through its publications and events, and in cooperation with its partners, Supply Chain Media strives to take the supply chain management profession in the whole of Europe to the next level. As the only publishing company with a true focus on supply chain management, Supply Chain Media offers numerous possibilities for the creation, visualization and dissemination of supply chain knowledge in high-end publications (SUPPLY CHAIN MOVEMENT).

Visual content
The founder, Martijn Lofvers, and his team has developed several innovative content formats about supply chain management, such as:
- Subway Maps
- Mind Maps
- Self-Assessments
- Check-lists
- A Supply Chain Map of Europe


INSPIRED SEARCH – Beyond the match in Supply Chain


Identifying and attracting the right candidate in supply chain, manufacturing, or logistics takes more than a match at a functional level. In executive search and recruitment, the personal profile of the candidate and the cultural match with the company is just as, if not more, important. This applies for permanent positions as well as interim management.

Based in The Netherlands, supply chain, manufacturing and logistics executive search at its best for professional and executives in Europe, The Americas and Asia.

We work in a small, dedicated team of entrepreneurial and dynamic individuals. Over the years, we have established a large and constantly expanding network within the logistics and supply chain industry worldwide.


Our corporate magazine, edition 2019, including interviews with SC executives Chris Tyas (Nestlé), Sabine Simeon-Assaoui (Schindler Group), Joost Donkers (Royal Friesland Campina), Roberto Canevari (Burberry) and the top 28 European Supply Chain Professionals, can be downloaded here.




HORISONTGRUPPEN is the owner of the business magazine ‘SCM & Logistik’ - Denmark's leading magazine on the management of the supply chain. The magazine will prepare Danish leaders on how to optimized their supply chains and contribute higher competitiveness in a global world.


The content covers all stages of the supply chain from procurement and sourcing over warehouse, production, IT & technology, process optimization, organization, planning for transportation and distribution. For companies in the global "store" it is about creating a coherent and flexible flow throughout the supply chain to the customer.


The target group is Logistics and Production Managers, Logistics and Production Directors, COO, Factory Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Warehouse Managers, Shipping Managers, CPO, Planning Managers and others in charge of managing all or a part of the supply chain.


ÅSE HØJER – designer of the ‘Best Supply Chain Executive’ award sculpture


Åse Højer is a recognized Danish visual artist with many exhibitions behind her, both in Denmark and abroad. She lives her life stretched between Andalusía and Copenhagen. Since 1986, she has driven her own Art school, with her husband, in the little mountain village, Capileira, in the southern Spain.

For many years she has been a member and director of the international artist group, “PIP”, representing Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Iceland and Denmark.
Her colorful paintings are represented at many Danish Embassies abroad, as well as public institutions and private companies. She has done illustrations, CD covers, art books, printmaking and sculptures. She is a member of BKF (the Danish Visual Artist) and KKS (the Womens Artist Association).



Carsten Snejbjerg is a very experienced photographer with a unique approach to composition and light. He became interested in photography during a 3,400 km bike trip alone through China and Vietnam in 1997, and in 2000 he entered the Danish School of Journalism.

His images have been published in recognized magazines and newspapers such as National Geographic, The New York Times, GEO, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Rouleur, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Stern, GQ, La Repubblica Delle Donne, Smithsonian magazine, Euroman etc.

His images have been awarded in many international and national photo competitions and he is the only Danish photographer who has received the prestigious the Grand Prix CARE du Reportage Humanitaire.

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