Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has around 20,000 students and has around 4,000 exchange students. With this number of students as well as 633 full-time researchers and 700 administrative employees, CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe. 

CBS' research profile covers a wide range of subjects within the social sciences and the humanities. The academic breadth reflects a societal need to understand business issues in a broader social, political and cultural context. Furthermore, the academic breath is a prerequisite for CBS to underpin CBS’ broad portfolio of research based educational programmes.

CBS offers Denmark's most comprehensive range of university degrees in business administration with more than 30 of our programmes taught entirely in English.

CBS has a close partnership with the business community and offers programmes targeted at their needs.

Copenhagen Business School is the largest supplier of the Graduate Diploma in Denmark. CBS offers 8 different Graduate Diplomas in Business Administration (HD. 2 Del programs), among these the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration - Supply Chain Management (GD-SCM).


The Graduate Diploma program in Supply Chain Management is a flagship CBS Programme and is very attractive for people who have a functional orientation towards production, procurement, logistics and transportation of both products and services. The programme is a practice-based study and ensures that the study is continually relevant for its students and their employing organisations.





The Association for Academic Awareness in Supply Chain Management or AAASCM aims to spread the insight into the concept of Supply Chain Management (SCM) at an academic level by supporting information and marketing of, among other things, higher education with a focus on SCM through studies, articles, conferences, seminars, awards, etc.


The target audience is people of all ages, both potential students of SCM educations, current students in the field of SCM, companies with an interest in acquiring these competences, or just and person generally interested in the subject, e.g. news media, journals and other SCM professional associations.



DTU is a self-governing university with education, research, research-based advice and innovation. The main activities of the university are rooted in 19 institutes, a national laboratory for sustainable energy and eight other university units. The overall mission for DTU is to develop and create value for the society through technical and natural sciences.


DTU Management Engineering is an institute at DTU. The institute aims to develop and utilize new knowledge about system analysis, production and service management, operational analysis and technology and innovation management for the benefit of the society. By this, the Institute contributes to knowledge-based growth and welfare focusing on competitiveness, productivity, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. Research and education are conducted in close cooperation with international research communities and industrial and public partners. DTU Management Engineering has approx. 400 employees and is divided into six departments and three centers.One of the departments is Management Science, which covers research and teaching in Operations Management, Operations Research and Performance Management. Work is being done on efficient planning of resources and activities in both production and service organizations through the development of interdisciplinary decision support tools. Work is being done on developing new production and information methods to achieve better performance. As part of globalization, new logistic product flows and network combinations are being researched to develop optimization tools for supply chains.




IDA Operations Management is a professional Network at The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA. We have more than 2.500 members forming the framework for exchange of experience and innovation.


IDA Operations Management offers conferences and events of high quality driven by volunteer members. We were a part of the event Industri 4.0 at IDA in December 2016.


We give our members targeted education and training as well as a opportunity to share their knowledge with others in networks and we develop leadership- and technology expertise in Supply Chain and Operations.





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