This page represent post event activities describing what happened during the event, who won the various awards, plus photos of winners specifically and people and booths in general. Also, we have links to articles listing the top-25 Supply Chain Executives in Denmark 2017. If you are looking for more info on the CBS and DTU student projects and theses, please find this in the ‘Nominees’ menu point on your left.


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Digitalisation is currently revolutionising all aspects of our lives, and not least the supply chains that support the global economic system. The recently held 6th Supply Chain Leaders Forum (SCLF) emphasised this megatrend with its conference theme “Digital Supply Chain 4.0”. Besides featuring invited speaks on Machine learning and Cloud, Logistics of money, Smart Factories and Digital Business Models, this year’s conference recognised leadership and academic excellence in the supply chain by awarding the best supply chain leader, and some of the best supply chain students in Denmark. The SYNCRONIC award for ‘Best Supply Chain Executive in Denmark 2017’ went to Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen, SVP Devices & Supply Chain Management in Novo Nordisk A/S.
This year’s conference was organised by CBS (HD-SCM) and AAASCM in close collaboration with DTU and IDA Operations Management, and as usual hosted at CBS. Over 160 participants across business and academia enjoyed the presentations and awards, while visiting the 20 booths exhibiting best CBS and DTU projects, organizers services, and various sponsors theme-related services and product.


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Feel the puls of London Digital underground

By Nils Elmark, Founder of Incepcion Ltd., UK


Criterias for best project at CBS and DTU

by Erling Johns Nielsen (DSV A/S), Aseem Kinra (CBS), Lars Kyed (GS1 Denmark), Peter Brønd (IDA) and Peter Jakobsen (DTU)


Digitalization of the Danfoss Value Chain

by Kristian Hede, Head of global strategy and Digital transformation in Danfoss A/S


Mindmapping Digital Supply Chain 4.0

by Martijn Lofvers, CEO & Chief Trendwatcher at Supply Chain Media, NL


Criterias for best Supply Chain Leader in Denmark 2017

by Oskar Verkamman (Inspired-Search) and Lars Kissow (Syncronic)


Danish Dynamite: Top-25 Supply Chain Ledere

by Henrik Knak







Winner of the SYNCRONIC award for ‘Best Supply Chain Executive in Denmark 2017’: Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen, Senior Vice President, Devices & Supply Chain Management in Novo Nordisk A/S 



Winner of the DSV award for ‘Best CBS HD-SCM Thesis 2017’: Mads Rolaj Spangsberg for the report ‘Measuring Supply Chain Performance i Global Supply Chain’. 


Winner of the GS1 award for ‘Best CBS HD-SCM Business Project 2017’: Robert Reyer van der Valk for the report ‘Styring af SKI aftale 50.43’.4) Best DTU Operations Management Thesis Award 2017 


Winner of the IDA Operations Management award ‘Best DTU Operations Management Thesis 2017’: Nona Fortian Corts for the report ‘Inventory management in the food industry – centralization vs. decentralization’.


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