Dear SaM2021 participant,

The Search and Matching Network (SaM) is a European network of academic economists working on search and matching models, including models of labour market search, consumer search, money search and housing search. It organises an Annual Conference, aimed at bringing together prominent researchers from Europe and elsewhere, while also including promising PhD students, to facilitate feedback and the exchange of ideas.


Due to Covid-19 SaM2020 was postponed to 2021 and will be hosted from Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark, from May 19th to 21st. It is organised jointly with the Inequality Platform at CBS.

The tenth SaM Conference will be fully online in 2021 due to pandemic restrictions. A slightly revised program will be published during the week leading up to the conference. As local organizers at Copenhagen Business School we are looking forward to hosting the conference virtually - ensuring a social and interactive atmosphere despite the format and circumstances. 

Leena Rudanko (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) and Morten Ravn (UCL) are keynote speakers.


Kind regards

Local organizers: Birthe Larsen, Jesper Bagger, Rune Vejlin

SaM steering committee: Pieter Gautier, Bruno Decreuse, Fabien Postel-Vinay, Philipp Kircher, Arnaud Cheron, Jan Eeckhout


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