The Pension Research Centre (PeRCent) at the Department of Finance and the Department of Economics, Copenhagen Business School, is proud to announce its third conference:

PeRCent Annual Conference 2017


Learn more about the arguments for active vs. passive investment strategies in pension funds; about the return we can expect going forward; how individuals change consumption behaviour around the time of retirement; an overview of what we know about defined contribution plans; and how housing affects consumption, both via the consumption-wealth effect and during retirement. Listen to panel discussions with high-profile representatives from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, the Danish pension sector, and academics. And listen to the top US economist, James Poterba, talk about how the future developments of global population patterns will influence real interest rates in the future.
The conference is a joint initiative between Copenhagen Business School and the Danish pension industry and is organized by Professor Svend E. Hougaard Jensen from the Department of Economics and Professor Jesper Rangvid from the Department of Finance.

The conference will take place on June 20, 2017 at Copenhagen Business School.

The conference programme:

09:00-16:00: Research presentations and discussions

16:15-17:30: Panel discussion

17:45-18:15: Reception

18:30-21:30: Dinner (by invitation only)


Conference registration:
In order to participate in the PeRCent Annual Conference 2017, you need to register here.

  • Regular participant fee: DKK 2,500.- (app. EUR 335.-)
  • Free registration for students, researchers as well as employees by PeRCent partners.

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Hans Fehr, Universität Würzburg

Henrik Olejasz Larsen, Sampension

Peter Løchte Jørgensen, University of Aarhus

Niels Westergård-Nielsen, CBS

Søren Leth-Petersen, University of Copenhagen Niels Lynggård Hansen, Danmarks Nationalbank
Arna Olafsson, Copenhagen Business School Jan V. Hansen, the Danish Insurance Association
Lasse Heje Pedersen, Copenhagen Business School  
James Poterba, MIT and NBER  
Jesper Rangvid, Copenhagen Business School


Clemens Sialm, University of Texas at Austin


Panel discussions:

Søren Jarner, ATP

Peter Løchte Jørgensen, Professor, Aarhus University

Jan Parner, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

Per Bremer Rasmussen,CEO, Danish Insurance Association


Moderator of panel discussions:


Jesper Rangvid, CBS




Registration deadline: June 13, 2017


Copenhagen Business School (CBS) - Solbjerg Plads 3 - 2000 Frederiksberg - +45 38153815