NFSUN 2021 onlineInteractive online formats 



We will use zoom as the online conference program. There will be links for each session in the program, and there will be a moderator from the organizing committee present being the host in each zoom session. 



There is 45 minutes for each keynote. We suggest 30 min for the lecture and 15 minutes for Q & A. There will be a moderator from the organizing committee in each keynote. All mics from participants will be muted, but you can pose your questions and/or mark you have a question in the chat and the moderator will facilitate the Q & A session. 


Poster presentations 

The posters should be send to the organizers before May 24th attached in a PDF format. We will upload the posters and ensure the possibilities for online asynchronous Q and A. There will furthermore be two life parallel session on Wednesday (see the program). 


Paper presentations and symposia  

Parallel sessions will consist of 4(2) papers or one symposia. In the online program there will be a link for zoom for each parallel sessions and the email address for the moderator from the organizing committee for that particular session. All communication about particular sessions should go to this moderator, with the latest particular requests May 27th. 

We have some thoughts about how to make the sessions interactive – but we need your help! 

There are 25 minutes for each paper.   

  • A first model could be “the classical” 15 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of Q & A for each presentation. 
  • We will try to group the presentations according to theme – so in some sessions it would make sense to have 4 times 15 minutes presentations and then a longer interactive discussion at the end (40 minutes). If the moderator see this as a clear possibility in a particular session he/she will email and inform you about that. This would ensure interaction in a more qualitative way, but of course it would annoy those wanting to jump from session to session. 
  • Prolonged discussions could also be very relevant in symposia – again the concrete arrangements is made with the session moderator. 
  • The use of breakout rooms could be a possibility in such prolonged discussions, in particular if it is a large session. The moderator will facilitate this.  
  • The use of a padlet where participants can add comments, questions, ideas and reflections during the sessions is another idea. This could also work in 10 minutes discussions. 
  • There is in the program a link for a padlet for each session. 
  • So, returning to the single paper presentations, there are possibilities for lifely interactions also following the classical model of 15 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion.  
  • Alternative ideas like for example a flipped model, where you have videorecorded your 15 minutes presentations in advance if you prefer to use the scheduled time for prolonged interaction is also a possibility. Again, the contact person, who will ensure that the video is linked to, is the moderator. You should upload the video on youtube or vimeo and send a link at the latest May 24th and we will ensure there is a link in the program. 
  • In between the classical and the full flipped model there could be a continuum, for example starting with a short 2-5 minutes discussion/co-creation of ideas/sharing of preunderstanding, then a short presentation and then a final short discussion. If you plan such kind of models please inform the moderator so it can be facilitated online in the best way. 
  • A format for the 25 minutes could also be to use a particular discussant or feedback group.