Call for new proposals for NFSUN 2021: Science Education in the light of Global Sustainable Development – Trends and possibilities


The NFSUN conference 2021 will be virtual due to the Covid-19 situation and hosted by VIA University College in Aarhus, Denmark on June 1.-2.

Authors of accepted proposals for the postponed NFSUN 2020 symposium has now confirmed their participation in the NFSUN 2021 symposium. This gives the organizing committee an overview of the presentations for the coming symposium. We are happy to be able to invite for submission of a small number of new proposals (13) at latest by January 29th 2021 on Registration.

Received proposals will be processed in a normal review procedure in the order of 'first-to-come-first-to-be-served'.

We encourage especially proposals from new authors who have not already confirmed presentation of a paper for the NFSUN 2021 symposium. 


The Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education (NFSUN) is a forum for the presentation and discussion of research on Nordic science education.

The symposium links research and development and welcomes researchers, as well as teachers from all levels of education.




The NFSUN 2021 theme ‘Science Education in the light of Global Sustainable Development’ clearly signals the dedication to address contemporary issues of vital importance globally.