Call for contributions

Paper presentations, poster presentations, symposia and workshops

  • NFSUN invites three types of scientific proposals: paper presentation, dialogic poster presentation, and symposium.
  • Proposals may be submitted in English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian and must be presented at the conference in the same language as in the proposal. The abstract must be in English for all contributions, regardless of language in the proposal.
  • Both research studies and developmental work can be presented. Research studies may be empirical or theoretical. Contributions with development work are also welcome, but must contain systematic investigations and a theoretical framework.
  • Each proposal will be peer-reviewed by two referees.


Paper presentation

  • A paper presentation is scheduled for 30 minutes: 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. Proposals should be between 1000 and 1500 words (maximum 1500 incl. References) + an abstract (in English) of 150-200 words.

Poster presentation

  • A poster session is scheduled on June 11th 10:15-11:00. Proposals should be between 1000 and 1500 words (maximum 1500 incl. References) + an abstract (in English) of 150-200 words.


  • A symposium consists of 3 related contributions + an introduction, submitted together as one proposal of maximum 2500 words (incl. References) + abstract (in english) of 150-200 words.
  • The symposium organizers should also invite a discussant.
  • Symposias are scheduled on June 12th 10:15-12:15.

Interactive workshops

  • NFSUN also welcome interactive workshops organized by participants.
  • Workshop contributions will not be peer-reviewed but considered by the organizers. 
  • Suggestions should be sent latest January 31st 2020 to Martin Sillasen mail to
  • Workshops will not be included in proceedings.
  • Workshops are scheduled for 2 hours on June 10th , 13:15-15:15.


  1. Science curriculum, policy, development and evaluation
  2. Student learning and assessment in science
  3. Inquiry-based -, design-based learning and engineering approaches
  4. STEM, interdisciplinary approaches and technology education
  5. Teaching and learning with ICT         
  6. Cultural, social and gender issues in science education
  7. Socio-scientific issues, scientific literacy and argumentation
  8. Sustainability and environmental education
  9. The nature of science and the history and philosophy of science
  10. Teacher education and professional development
  11. Science education outside school
  12. Affective aspects of teaching and learning science (self efficacy, interest and motivation)
  13. Early years (kindergarten) and primary science education


Template and submission

All proposals must use the NFSUN 2020 template. The template contains guidelines.


When submitting, have two documents ready.

  • Abstract separate. Name this “First author_abstract.docx”, e.g. “Martin_Sillasen_abstract.docx”
  • Proposal with abstract. Name this “First author_proposal.docx”, e.g. “Martin_Sillasen_proposal.docx”

If you plan to submit multiple proposals with same first author, you have to submit each proposal separately. The second abstract and proposal are then named as e.g. “Martin_Sillasen2_abstract.docx” and “Martin_Sillasen2_proposal.docx” etc.

Link for upload for Paper, Poster and Symposium



  • Proposal submission deadline: January 31st 2020
  • Notification of acceptance: March 20th 2020
  • Early bird registration ends: April 15th 2020
  • Final registration for presenting authors: May 1st 2020
  • Deadline for participant registration: May 29th 2020



An electronic conference proceeding will be published after the conference. Contributions should not exceed 3000 words. Deadline: August 30th, 2020. Contributions will be peer-reviewed, and authors of a selection of the best contributions will be invited to extend their contribution (5000-8000 words) for publication in the journal Nordic Studies in Science Education, NorDiNa.

Contact persons: Martin Sillasen and Birgitte Lund Nielsen