Sessions descriptions:


Session 1: Institutionalizing moral principles (10.15-11.45, room Ks48)



Title of paper


Håkan Johansson & Gabriella Scaramuzzino, Lund University

Digital resource mobilization on social media: Towards a theory of resource abundance


Nian Liu & Jun Liu

University of Copenhagen and Renmin University of China

Explicating (Moral) Emotions in Online Activism

Lasse Henriksen & Len Seabrooke

Copenhagen Business School

Epistemic Rivalry in the Economics Profession


Rune Stahl & Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen

University of Copenhagen

Defending democracy: liberal and republican modes of democratic self-defense

Dalir Barkhoda

Friedrich Alexander University


Being Normative or Pragmatic: the Kurdish Social Movement in Syria and the Challenge of Governance


Chair:   Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou, University College London.


Session 2: Moral foundations of civic action (10.15-11.45, room K143)



Title of paper


Thomas P. Boje

Roskilde University

Civility, Activism and Citizenship – Beyond the Civil Society, Roskilde University


Queralt Prat-i-Pubill

Copenhagen Business School

Reconsidering morality and social movements


Troels Krarup

University of Copenhagen

The Politics of Urban Greenspace Engagements


Sara Kalm & Anna Meeuwisse

Lund University

The moral principles of the masculinity movement: The case of Sweden.


Chair: Liv Egholm, Copenhagen Business School


Session 3: The impact of morality on activism (15.45-17.15, room Ks48)



Title of paper


Jasmine Lorenzini and Johanna Huber

University of Geneva

How to study the moral principles of food activism? Empirical research on civil society organizations and citizens’ engagements for food democracy


Eva Svatonova

Aarhus University

“Gender Activists Will Kidnap Your Kids.” The Construction of Feminist and LGBT Rights Activists as the Modern Folk Devils in Czech Anti-gender Campaigns


Peter Gundelach og Jonas Toubøl

University of Copenhagen

Value predispositions' consequences for activism and outcomes


Sophia Wathne

Scuola Normale Superiore

Researching Normativity: Political Theory and Social Movements


Chair: Lara Monticelli, Copenhagen Business School


Session 4: Moral interactions in movements (15.45-17.15, room K143)



Title of paper


Eva Fernández G. G.

University of Geneva and Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Solidarity Mobilisations in the ‘Refugee Crisis’: Between Particularistic and Universalistic Concerns


Hjalmar Bang Carlsen

Snorre Ralund & Jonas Toubøl, University of Copenhagen

The solidary relationship’s consequences for the ebb and flow of activism: Collaborative evidence from life-history interviews and social media event analysis


Ane Grubb

Aalborg University

"Just like in an airport" - An ethnographics study of discrete sociality among virtual volunteers


Anders Sevelsted

Copenhagen Business School

Translating social movements: Reformed temperance in Lutheran Denmark (1890 - 1930)






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