ITS21 Interdisciplinary Teamwork Skills for the 21st Century




Main objective

The main objective of the conference is to create a meeting place where researchers, lecturers, students and practitioners from universities, high educations and private/public sectors can discuss key issues related interdisciplinary teamwork skills for sustainability. A main question is how interdisciplinary collaborative skills can be a main driver for value creation and sustainability in society and how we as educators can support and educate change makers?


The conference aims to contribute to clarification of definitions, new inspiration and exchange of best practices, and will consist of inspiring keynotes, parallel sessions and practical workshops.


The organisers

The conference is organised by Nordic Experts in Teams Network, which consists of partners from higher education institutions, trade unions, industry organizations, secondary educational institutions, and NGOs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Find more information about the network here: The website gives examples of how the partners have implemented the Experts in Teams.

The method

Expert in Teams is a method for developing interdisciplinary teamwork skills. The method strengthens the students’ transferable skills in interdisciplinary teamwork, innovation, facilitation and group dynamics. In the Experts in Teams course, the students work in interdisciplinary teams. The frame is often a real-life case from a public or private company or a trade organization. Most recently, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have also been included as an important point of reference in the Experts in Teams method by several higher education institutions.


Call of conference contributions 

The conference welcomes contributions in the form of oral presentation or workshops on topics related to interdisciplinary teamwork skills, sustainability and value creation in contexts such as innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E). Read or download the guidelines for how to contribute - through the drop down menus in the top.


Green Challenge

For information about the yearly held Green Challenge - the optional student conference 25 June held on DTU Lyngby, see: