How can Industry 4.0 help optimise your company´s production?


– The meeting between humans and technology


Industries in Denmark are increasingly incorporating new technologies in order to optimise their internal production processes. Although there is still a degree of confusion over Industry 4.0, it offers companies a wide range of possibilities, from general development of a solid data foundation to use of virtual and augmented reality in production, repair and maintenance processes.


However, technology cannot stand alone. It needs leaders and employees to execute and implement new technologies with respect and in accordance with the company’s strategy and end-users.


At this year´s Industry 4.0 conference, we will look at cases representing both success and failure in the use of Industry 4.0. The focus will be on the diverse use of the technologies presented by the terminology, with additional emphasis on the importance of the human aspect in developing and executing on strategies. 



Among current speakers are:





Morten Meldgaard

Project Director

Chr. Hansen



Dorte Zacho Martinsen





Jesper Kjær


Maersk Drilling



Brian Lindgaard Jensen

VP, configuration & cost management




Alexander Larsen

Lead digitalization engineer











Date: 5. april 2018, kl. 08.30 - 16.35


Venue: University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Odense



DKK 3,995 excl. VAT for titles SVP, VP, business development, CTO, CDO, BI & BA head/manager, CIO. 


DKK 5,995 excl. VAT for providers and consultants for the primary target group. 


3 for 2

If more people from the same company wish to attend the conference, we have a 3 for 2 offer. Please contact


Target group:

SVP, VP, business development, CTO, CDO, BI & BA head/manager, CIO


The registration is binding.
If you are prevented from attending, you may transfer your place to a co-worker. Remember to notify the change of attendee to Børsen Partnering at





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