Fiscal Policy, Pensions and Macroeconomic Stability

Although I find it hard to accept, I have decided to move forward on the assumption that March 29, 2019, is in fact the date when I turn 60.


However, since March 29, 2019, is also the date when the UK exits from the EU, I don’t want to have a party on that day. The thought of Brexit really doesn’t make me feel particularly festive.


Yet, a “round” birthday requires some kind of celebration. After having thought about it, what I really want is an event reflecting parts of my professional life.  So, I’m organizing a seminar, together with my department here at CBS. Sounds boring? Well, not to me!


The date for the event is Thursday, March 21, and it will be held at CBS. I first give a short introduction, and then I take over as chairman of the seminar, welcoming six speakers, each talking about 20 minutes on a topic that has been agreed with me.


The theme of the seminar is “Fiscal Policy, Pensions and Macroeconomic Stability”. This captures my key professional interests over the years. The speakers are close colleagues, with whom I have worked in some capacity or another.


Each talk will be followed by a brief Q&A session. So, I hope it will be a lively event. Still sounds a bit boring? Well, so be it.  But for me at least, I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience.


I would be delighted if you’re able to join, including the post-seminar gathering where we’ll serve a glass of wine. Please let me know in advance if you come, by registering through the link in the menu to the left.




Registration deadline: 19 March 2019



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