DTU Bioengineering symposium

Bioengineering in Food and Feed production

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The world and humanity face many serious challenges, and the solutions provided to address one challenge may worsen another. How do we for instance solve the climate crisis while at the same time feed a growing world population?


The use of antibiotics and pesticides in the food and feed production has been required to ensure a sufficient production but the unintended consequences are massive loss of biodiversity and the development and spread of multi-resistant bacteria which pose a threat to human and animal health.   


In this one-day symposium, DTU Bioengineering points to biotechnology as a means to develop alternative biologically compatible disease control measures.


The symposium outlines how microorganisms, microbiomes, enzymes, and peptide/antibody-based solutions that do not harm the environment can be used to replace antibiotics, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals used in the modern production for growth promotion and protection against infections in plants, animals, and aquaculture.


The symposium highlights the discovery, design, and understanding of enzymes, microorganisms, or microbiomes that can be used as alternatives to antimicrobials or pesticides and the technologies supporting the design and production of such organisms or enzymes.


We encourage postdocs, PhDs and Master students to bring a poster to the poster session (it does not have to be a new one). 


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