PROGRAM - CBS Competitiveness Day 2017
  Tuesday, 14 November 2017






Coffee and Registration


Room: Lobby


08.30 - 09.30

Transforming Big Data Sets into Business Assets (Professor Ravi Vatrapu, Director, Centre for Business Data Analytics, cbsBDA:  Professor, Department of Digitalization Copenhagen Business School)


This seminar is about stop talking about Big Data ”blah blah blah” and start doing Business Data Analytics to create business value. This seminar helps Danish executives to understand the way to generate business value from internal and external big data sets for increasing their competitiveness in the global marketplace. After having attended this seminar, you will gain knowledge about (a) the three paradigms for generating competitive advantages and business value from new technologies, and (b) the Centre for Business Data Analytics (cbsBDA: framework for transforming big data sets into business assets by creating meaningful facts, actionable insights, valuable outcomes, and sustainable impacts, and (c) new results from cbsBDA’s research projects


Room Rs.20


09.30 - 10.30

DataKunder - sådan segmenteres kunderne i den digitale tidsalder (Professor Thomas Ritter, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS & Henrik Andersen, Andersen&Partners).

Digitalisering rammer også dine kunder, og igennem dem din forretning. For at udnytte mulighederne af dette, skal kundernes databehov aktivt tænkes ind i virksomhedernes segmentering. Med andre ord er virksomheder nødt til at forstå og segmentere deres kunder på ny. Henrik og Thomas viser, hvordan virksomhederne kan bygge en slagkraftig segmentering af data-behovet for at drive profitabelt vækst.


• Få en gennemgang af CUBEical segmenteringsmetoden
• Forstå forskellige digitale kundetyper
• Tegn et kundelandskab i den digitale tidsalder


Room: 3.20


10.00 - 11.00

Managing the customer experience in service organisations requires excellence in all parts of the organisation (Mogens Bjerre, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, CBS)

Service is not just what happens in the organisation-customer interface, but also how the service delivery process is designed, how employees are trained and recruited, and how agile responses are to different customers.

Take part in this workshop, where we dig into the details of how to deliver excellent customer service and why some experiences stand out from others.


Room: Rs.20


10.00 - 11.00

Driving Competitiveness through Servitization  (Associate Professor Thomas Frandsen, Department of Operations Management - CBS)

Servitization, or adding services to the manufactured product, has become a strategy for increasing financial margins, getting closer to customers and prolonging product lives. This is especially applicable to Danish companies in their efforts to compete with companies from low cost countries and emerging economies. In this session, Thomas Frandsen explores and explains how service business models can provide opportunities for driving competitiveness of Danish industry in the future. Within this session we will address the following questions:


• What is servitization and how is it linked to the competitiveness of firms?
• What are interesting examples in a Danish context?
• How can you consider implementing it in your organization?


Room: 4.17


11.00 - 11.30

Have your cake and eat it, too? Grappling with the complexities arising from a servitization strategy (PhD Fellow Kai Basner, Department of Operations Management - CBS)


The term servitization describes the phenomenon of offering combined packages of products and services. Typically, industrial companies pursue servitization in order to better address customer needs and fend off competitors. This session focuses on the arising complexities and dilemmas that managers have to grapple with, particularly if they aim at transferring a servitization strategy to different markets across geographies.


Room: 4.17


11.00 - 12.00

DataProfit - kortlæg din virksomheds data-drevne kompetencer (Professor Thomas Ritter, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS & Postdoc Carsten Pedersen, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS & Researcher Hans Eibe Sørensen, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS)

Med afsæt i kompetencekortet DataProfit, kortlægger deltagerne deres egen virksomheds kompetencer til datadreven vækst. Igennem tre efterfølgende rotationer vil deltagerne drøfte deres styrker og svagheder med de øvrige deltagere for at få inspiration til deres videre udvikling. Den afsluttende plenumdiskussion giver mulighed for erfaringsudveksling.

• Kortlæg dit kompetenceniveau
• Diskuter udfordringer og løsninger i mindre grupper
• Lav en handlingsplan til din organisation


Room: 3.20


11.30 - 12.00

Digital platforms in healthcare (PhD Fellow Casper Winther-Hansen, Department of Operations Management - CBS)

Digital platforms are enabling organizations in reaching their end customers and creating solutions to complex problems. Blockchain technology is being suggested as a way to decentralize information in such platforms. In this session we will explore how pharmaceutical companies are currently developing digital platforms to improve the lives of their patients. This has implications for decision-making in health service systems. For most pharmaceuticals this is unchartered territories and opens up interesting questions and dilemmas regarding decisions about platform design and governance. The central dilemma, how to strike the balance between human and non-human decision-making in healthcare is becoming essential but has so far received limited attention. The dilemmas extend beyond the pharmaceutical industry and the session is relevant to anyone interested in value creation through digital platforms.

Room: 4.17


12.00 - 13.00


Lunch (Light lunch buffet)


Room: 4th floor

13.00 - 14.00

Strategi som en ’levende’ samling af projekter - vejen til succes (Postdoc Carsten Pedersen, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS & Professor Thomas Ritter, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS)

Strategi eksekveres som oftest gennem en ’levende’ samling af projekter. Dog fylder projektledelse forbløffende lidt indenfor strategifeltet. Carsten og Thomas introducerer derfor et projekt-baseret perspektiv på strategi, der forsøger at forstå og lede strategi, som en dynamisk samling af projekter.

• Få en gennemgang og introduktion til en projekt-baseret tilgang til strategi
• Forstå forskellige projekt-scenarier, og hvordan de påvirker strategien
• Diskuter jeres udfordringer med projekter og strategi


Room: 4.17


14.00 - 16.00

Transformation: HRM Forward  (Professor Dana Minbaeva, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS)


So, by now we are persuaded: HR needs a significant makeover. And timing couldn’t be more perfect. Due to continuous disruption, business strategy is a moving target these days. Internal business functions are under continuous pressure to drive innovation, increase efficiency, and ensure organizational agility and faster decision making. Organizations are increasingly expected to respond to technological advancements and utilizing the opportunities these advancements brings with them. Companies will have to reinvent their whole approach by integrating technology and analytics into administration, organization, operations and strategy.


At this event we will zoom in on two most disruptive to HR forces - advances in information technology and analytics revolution.  Given the growing digitalization and rise of e-HR, what should be “outsourced” to machines or automated, and what should be kept for HR? How will the employable HR profile look like in 3-5 years? What skills and competencies should HR manager have? Will there be a HR manager?


Join the conversation and read more via this link


Room: 3.20


14.30 - 16.00

Rethinking Innovation Competences – Getting the Most out of Digitalization, Crowds and Networks (Professor Wolfgang Sofka, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS & Professor Christoph Grimpe, Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics, CBS)

Innovative strategies are required to benefit from new technological opportunities which are increasingly digital, distributed and interconnected in nature.
In this session, we reflect on whether Danish firms have the necessary structures and competences in place.
For this purpose, we bring together insights from current CBS research with successful applications in practice from Maersk (Rasmus Lehn Hansen), Danish Crowdsourcing (Daiana Fobian Nielsen), (Michael J. Wiatr) and Arla (Panos Kakambouras).
This session is for everybody interested in fresh ideas for organizing innovation or learning about pitfalls before stepping into them.


Room: Rs.20


15.00 - 16.00

Harnessing the Digitalization: Investigating the Business Value of Social Platforms for Companies (Associate Professor Liana Razmerita, Department of Management, Society and Communication, CBS, Professor Chee-Wee Tan, Department of Digitalization, CBS & Professor Kathrin Kirchner, Berlin School of Economics and Law & Daniel Horn, Phases & Finn Carstens, IBM)

Social platforms are slowly reshaping work processes and potentially streamlining internal and external communication, collaboration, work culture, and thus reshaping organizations. Executives have recognized the potential enterprise social platforms have to strengthen company communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing with both internal and external stakeholders and improve strategic decisions. Several studies show that many companies are reaping significant business value from implementing enterprise social platforms. Other reports argue that social business is a complex digital disruption and the key to social business success is how companies use platform data and analytics to understand their social business. Within this workshop we will address the following questions:

• What is the perceived business value of social media at work?
• How can the impact of enterprise social platforms be assessed?
• How can Danish companies overcome confusion and skepticism related to the value of adopting          social media at work?


Room: 4.17 


16.00 - 17.00

Reception & Museum of Strategic Projects

Vær med til åbningen af vores ’museum’, hvor vi udstiller spændende strategiske projekter fra forskellige virksomheder – og hvordan disse projekter har påvirket deres strategier. Du er velkommen til at tage en tur igennem de forskellige historier, som giver rig mulighed for at reflektere over egne erfaringer og kommende udfordringer.


Room: Lobby



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