DSEB Research Prize

DSEB (former FUHU) has funded the following prize at CBS in 2015:

One DSEB Research Prize of DKK 50,000.

DSEB Research Prize 2015 is awarded to a researcher/research group for research in 2014-2015 which can meet the following criteria:


  • Documented quality of research through publications in reputable media (journals, books and conferences)
  • Demonstrated value from use in practice (f. ex. better performance, new products, new or enhanced processes, organizational improvements, enhanced working relationships and the like). It must be proved that the companies/organizations have been able to use research in their practice to create value for business in society.

DSEB and CBS intend this recognition to inspire to a continued significant emphasis on value creating research.

Nomination of candidates for the DSEB Research and Research Dissemination prizes can be made by anyone, but should come with an endorsement and statement by the respective Head of Department.


The selection will be made by an evaluation committee consisting of the Dean of Research Peter Møllgaard, the Vice Dean for Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Flemming Poulfelt, Professor Anne-Marie Søderberg and Professor Dolores Romero Morales. In the case of joint research activities the award may be split among more nominees.


The nominees:

Georg Ringe, Professor, JUR

Morten Lau, Professor, ECON

Wencke Gwozdz, Associate professor, IKL






Copenhagen Business School - Porcelænshaven 20 - The Kiln Hall - 2000 Frederiksberg