DSEB Education Prizes

DSEB (former FUHU) has funded the following prizes at CBS in 2015:

Three Education Prizes, each of DKK 50,000.

The Prizes will be given to permanent and part time academic staff at CBS for extraordinary contributions to program development and teaching through courses which are innovative in their educational approach, organization and realization and which emphasize the students’ learning processes. In the assessment of candidates, the awards committee will focus in particular on how the teaching helps the students to:


  • take responsibility for and organize their own learning
  • apply theories to problems relevant in practice
  • take a methodological approach to the problems relevant to the program
  • reflect critically on the basis and relevance of the theories used
  • develop innovation skills and creativity
  • develop into dynamic thinkers
  • develop their own personal and interpersonal skills.

Activities which can serve as a model or inspire others, including the development of teaching materials, the incorporation of research in the teaching etc. will be given weight in the assessment. The results of the work must be documented.


The teaching can take place as part of a day-time or part-time program.


Nominations for the DSEB Education Prizes can be made by everyone but must include an endorsement and statement from the relevant Head of Department or Program Director.


The selection will be made by an evaluation committee consisting of the President Per Holten-Andersen, the Dean of Education Jan Molin, the Vicedean of Pedagogics and learning technologies Annemette Kjærgaard and two student representatives: Andreas Kristian Gjede, CBS Board of Directors and Thomas Skinnerup Philipsen, CBS Academic Council.

In the case of joint activities, the award may be split among more nominees.

The nominees:

Robert Austin, Professor, LPF and Shannon Hessel, Assistant professor, ITM

Attila Marton, Assistant professor, ITM (nominated by program directors, two students and HoD)

Sylvia von Wallpach, Associate professor, AØ

Jacob Lyngsie, Assistant professor, SMG – nominated by two

Claus Varnes, Associate professor, PEØ


Team af undervisere på BMC linjen

Associate professor Sylvia von Wallpach

Ph.d. student Louise Koch

Associate professor Sebastian Zenker

External lecturer Boris Uzelac

Associate professor Thyra Uth Thomsen

Associate professor Richard Jones

External lecturer Diana Storm

Assistant Professor Antonia Erz

External lecturer Jonas Munk





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