Fonnesbechs TAP/VIP Employee Prize 2017


“Grosserer Anders Fonnesbechs Legatfond” has decided to fund a prize of DKK 75.000, which will be awarded to a group of employees at CBS.

Criteria for award of the prize
The prize will be awarded to a group of employees at CBS who:
•    Have representatives from both the Technical Administrative Staff (TAP) and the Scientific Staff
•    Who together have done a particular recognizable effort and have been good examples for other
     employees at CBS
•    Who have shown extraordinary cooperation crosswise TAP and VIP
•    Who have contributed particularly in furthering the Vision and Mission of CBS
•    Who have contributed with an impressive workload combined with social thoughtfulness

The prize will be awarded to the group and should be used by the group together, possibly with a recreational purpose.

Nomination of candidates
All within the administrative or scientific staff including leaders can nominate candidates for the prize.
Nomination must contain:
•    Names of the group of employees, position and department
•    Motivation for the nomination
•    Names of the nominators



The Senior Management will select the prize winner on account of the nominations.


The nominees:



  • Lene Mette Sørensen, Special consultant, EDU
  • Tine Büchler Poulsen, Special consultant, EDU
  • Martin Tong, IT Business Partner, IT
  • Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Associate professor, MSC
  • Dorte Kronborg, Associate professor, FI
  • Ulf Nielsson, Associate professor, FI
  • Pia L. Rønnow Torp, Team Leader, Legal
  • René Kramhøft Jakobsen, Area manager, STU


Team EGOS conference 2017

CBS Conference service - TAP

  • Kristine Olsen, Conference consultant
  • Irene Hesselberg, Conference consultant
  • Stine Normark Lund, Conference consultant t

Department – TAP

  • Julie Maria Aagaard, AC Administrative officer, IOA
  • Lise Søstrøm, Administrative officer, MSC
  • Anje Schmidt, Administrative officer, MPP
  • Marianne Aarø-Hansen, Sekretariatsleder, IOA
  • Jesper Bjørn, AC Administrative officer, Project leader, MPP (Co-chair EGOS 2017)

Department – VIP

  • Timon Beyes, Professor, MPP
  • Daniel Hjorth, Professor, MPP
  • Sara Louise Muhr, Associate professor, IOA
  • Susanne Boch Waldorff, Associate professor, IOA
  • Eva Boxenbaum, Professor, IOA
  • Majken Schultz, Professor, IOA
  • Ursula Plesner, Associate professor, IOA (Chair of EGOS 2017)

Copenhagen Business School - Porcelænshaven 20 - The Kiln Hall - 2000 Frederiksberg