CBS Student Prizes


CBS has decided to fund 3 Student Prizes in 2017, each of 20.000.

The Prize is awarded for students who have initiated or played an active role in extracurricular student activities.

We especially want to reward students with new and innovative ideas.

The assessment of candidates will be according to the following student profile:

-    as a CBS student you are: an engaged, determined and open minded scholar
-    being a CBS student you act: in a disciplined, entrepreneurial and trustworthy manner
-    as a CBS student you appear: to be responsible, embracing and resilient
-    being a CBS student you demonstrate: inclusion, responsiveness and support to others

The nominees:

Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen

Benjamin Anker

Dennis Oscar Hein

Ditte Öhrström, 4 times

Djanour Issilam, 3 times

Freja Ruiya Vulff, 2 times

Henrik Priebe Hold

Jeppe Bay Tornvig, 2 times

Jiayi Wu

Martin Daniel Nilsson, 3 times

Mehdi Benzehda

Mike Martin, 4 times

Nathan Rietzler

Nicola Lynde Ens

Nicolai Splid

Nima Sophia Lama Tisdall

Patrick Risager Mikkelsen

Raju Gurung

Saber Mejaat

Copenhagen Business School - Porcelænshaven 20 - The Kiln Hall - 2000 Frederiksberg