CBS Administration Prizes

As a recognition of the work that is done by the CBS administrative staff the Leadership Team has decided to award two prizes of each 50.000 DKK to an employee / employee team for excellent administration in 2016-2017.

Criteria for award of the prizes
The prizes will be awarded to an employee / or a smaller team, who has shown a special dedication to the work tasks and provided the best possible service and/or taken initiatives or found solutions which particularly support the overall goals of CBS. It could either be an isolated activity or e.g. a new work routine/process, which can be applied by other units.

The prizes are awarded to permanent administrative staff members at CBS. The prizes cannot be awarded to managers or mid-level managers.


The Senior Management and the Director of HR will select the prize winners on account of the nominations.


The nominees:


Anne-Vibeke Lundsbjerg Jensen, Executive secretary / PA, Økonomi & Analyse

Claus Rosenkrantz Hansen, AC Administrative officer and Lene Hald, Information specialist, CBS Library

Gitte Østergaard, Administrative officer, OM

Ida Lyngby, Programme Manager, Academic Affairs, STU

Jesper Bjørn, AC Administrative officer, MPP

Kristine Olsen, Irene Hesselberg and Stine Normark Lund, Conference consultants, Conference Services

Lene Højland Bergh-Hansen, Graphic designer, Communication, Katrine Rask Andersen, State authorized translator and interpreter, Communication, Janus Døssing, Special consultant, Campus Development

Louisa Trolle, Administrative officer, Økonomi & Analyse, Lisbeth Hollensted Quinonez, Administrative officer, Økonomi & Analyse and Butheina Zaabouti, Teamleader for Salary, HR.

Louise Thomsen, Scientific assistant and Jacob Schjødt, Student assistant, CBS PRME

Lise Søstrøm, Administrative officer, MSC, Merete Borch, AC Administrative officer, MSC, Majbritt Vendelbo, HR coordinator, HR

Lise Søstrøm, Administrative officer, MSC, 2 times

Merete Borch, AC Administrative officer, MSC and Lise Søstrøm, Administrative officer, MSC, 9 times

Merete Borch, AC Administrative officer, MSC, Lise Søstrøm, Administrative officer, MSC and Annika Dilling, Head of Secretariat

Merete Borch, AC Administrative officer, MSC, Lise Søstrøm, Administrative officer, MSC, Mads Vigen, Project leader, Campus Services, Siv Britt Mansa, Program manager, Campus Services, 2 times

Mia Christensen, Administrative officer, Økonomi og Analyse, 2 times

Pernille Kjærsgaard, Administrative officer, IT

Tatjana Mastilo, Study and Communication administrator, ECON


Gruppe til forbedring af VIP kommunikation (Lokaleadministrationen, Academic Planning Unit, Academic  Affairs, VIP and subject coordinators):

  • Eva Gamborg Grøn, Special consultant, STU
  • Lærke Sadolin El Mousti (no longer at CBS)
  • Astrid Birgitte Hauge, Study secretary, STU
  • Mette Petersen (no longer at CBS)
  • Karin Voss Bertelsen (no longer at CBS)
  • Lisbeth de Thurah, AC Administrative officer, MSC
  • Cecilie Ostenfeld, Secretary, DIGI
  • Anne Vestergaard, Associate professor, MSC
  • Helle Bonde, Programme Manager, STU

IT support:

  • Vibeke Clement Iversen, IT-administrator, IT
  • Ulla Bechlund, IT-operator, IT
  • Antonio Recinella, IT-supporter, IT
  • Konstantin Slavin-Borovskij, SCSM Application Coordinator, IT
  • Morten Juhl Hansen, Service Desk coordinator, IT
  • Morten Sune Nielsen, Campus Desk coordinator, IT
  • Pernille Kjærsgaard, Administrative officer, IT
  • Mathias Boy Holst, IT-supporter, IT
  • Kasper Jensen, AV-technician, IT
  • Jens HH Nielsen, AV-coordinator, IT
  • Dorrit Majlund, IT-supporter, Campus Desk coordinator, IT
  • Jeppe Udklit Svendsen, Service Development manager, IT
  • Allan Michael Bengtson, IT-supporter, IT

IT instructors:

  • Ahmad Chaouki Ayoub, IT-instructor, IT
  • Aksel Magnus Skoven, IT-instructor, IT
  • Ali Rashid, IT-instructor, IT
  • Cecilie Tjørnelund Mattesen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Christian Steen Mortensen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Elias Jensen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Finnur Øster Petersen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Frederik Hjorslev Poulsen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Holger Krener-Iversen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Jennie Hansen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Jonas Lakniz, IT-instructor, IT
  • Kasper Ravn Breindal, IT-instructor, IT
  • Lars Vestergaard Jensen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Louise Hallas Kjølhede, IT-instructor, IT
  • Mahshaf Zishan Mir, IT-instructor, IT
  • Morten Østergaard Gade, IT-instructor, IT
  • Muneeb Ashraf, IT-instructor, IT
  • Nina Borg Juhl Nicolaisen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Peter Dalgaard Villumsen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Simon Stenroos Lorentzen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Sune Maribo Bjerregaard, IT-instructor, IT
  • Thomas Stær, IT-instructor, IT-instructor, IT
  • Tobias Corell Petersen, IT-instructor, IT
  • Usama Ahmad Mir, IT-instructor, IT
  • Vivek Singh, IT-instructor, IT

 Optimering af ESDH gruppen:

  • Brian Klang It-afdelingen, Head of Systemintegration, IT
  • Farid Mezerji Jensen, System administrator, IT
  • Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen, System developer in Systemintegration, IT
  • Mads Hammerlund Jørgensen, System administrator, IT
  • Tanja Koefoed, ESDH-responsible, Legal

 Superbruger gruppen Digital Examen:

  • Elsebeth Andersen, Administrative Officer, STU
  • Irene Tong, Administrative Officer, STU
  • Jacob Vagner Ludvigsen, AC Administrative Officer, STU
  • Kamilla Lund Nielsen, Coordinator of Academic Years, STU
  • Susanne Vad, Administrative Officer, STU
  • Tina Østergaard, Coordinator of Academic Years, STU
  • Anne-Sophie Kvisgaard, Coordinator of Academic Years, STU
  • Erin Cooper, AC Administrative Officer, STU
  • Jannie Andreasen, Administrative Officer, STU

 Team Graduate Admission in Student affairs:

  • Anne Katrine Preisler, AC Administrative officer, STU
  • Ashley Moyes Lindhard, AC Administrative officer, STU
  • Birgitte Saxtorph, AC Administrative officer, STU
  • Hana Lettlova, AC Administrative officer, STU
  • Simona Nicola, AC Administrative officer, STU
  • Simone Søndergaard, AC Administrative officer, STU

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