How to find and invite your former classmates to Alumni Day

Do you wish to reunite with former classmates at Alumni Day? Then do not forget to pass on the invitation and let them know that you are going.


If you have lost contact with your former classmates, and would like to reconnect with them, find below some tips on how to get back in touch.

Let your network know that you are attending Alumni Day
Apart from contacting your former classmates directly, share a post on social media and let your network know that you are going to Alumni Day 2018.
You can ‘tag’ fellow alumni in your post with whom you would like to reunite at Alumni Day. Here are some suggestions:



Copy the link to CBS' web site (choose between a Danish or English version) and paste it into
your post on e.g. Facebook or LinkedIn. The photo from the site and a short text should          
automatically appear depending on your browser.
Remember to delete the URL once the content from the web site has appeared (it looks nicer)


        • Share the CBS Alumni Day event on Facebook


Remember to tag and mention alumni in your network on e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn (typically by writing: @[name of the person you wish to tag]).


Search for alumni on LinkedIn
Use LinkedIn to search for alumni with whom you are not connected. Every person with a LinkedIn profile, who have indicated to have a degree from CBS, are searchable on the Career Insights section on CBS’ university page. Search for alumni from e.g. specific organisations, geographic locations or areas of study.
Moreover, CBS Alumni has an alumni group on LinkedIn with more than 19,500 members. Members of the group can send messages to each other without being connected on LinkedIn.  

Get practical tips on how to find alumni on LinkedIn

Go directly to CBS' university page on LinkedIn

Go directly to CBS Alumni’s group on LinkedIn

Alumni associations
Alumni from different programmes from CBS stay connected through alumni associations and networks. See a list of alumni associations and networks

Participant list
See the list of alumni who have already signed up for Alumni Day 2018 (visible after signing up)

Sign up for Alumni Day now 

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