The changes seen in the realm of art affect the museums and their role. New ephemeral and transient

media have gained a firm foothold and remain an important and ever-growing aspect of art, to which

the museums must relate.


Museums and Immaterial Art is an interdisciplinary symposium that will focus on the intersecting fields

of conservation, research and education and learning in the museums’ work with temporal and

ephemeral works. The discussions will take their point of departure in the conflicts between conventional,

artefact-based and historically founded museum practices and the genres of time-based and immaterial

art. The objective is to promote theoretical as well as practical discussions of how museums can overcome

the challenges that apply to the conservation, research and education in relation to time-based and

immaterial art.


The symposium is planned around two focused sessions:


In the morning session three international keynote speakers have been asked to address a number of

specific issues that can shed light on the perspectives and consequences that arise in the relationship

between time-based and immaterial art and the museum. The morning session will be conducted in



The afternoon session opens with an interdisciplinary panel discussion followed by a presentation of

Louisiana’s current exhibition: Marina Abramović, The Cleaner. The panel counts artists, conservators,

curators and researchers who will participate in the discussion with practical experience and theoretically

founded knowledge. The afternoon session will be in Danish.


Registration fee DKK 200,00. The fee includes entrance, coffee and lunch.




Birgitte Anderberg, Senior Curator, SMK

Tine Colstrup, Curator, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louise Nicole Cone, Conservator Contemporary Art and Sculpture, SMK

Mads Kullberg, PhD., The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Miriam Watts, Research Coordinator, SMK


Questions about the symposium can be addressed to


The symposium is a collaboration between

Statens Museum for Kunst, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Contemporary Art


The symposium is supported by Agency for Culture and Palaces

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - Gammel Strandvej 13 - 3050 - Humlebaek - +45-30385827

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