DTU Summer School 2016 - Uncertainty in Electricity Markets and System Operation



Europe has set ambitious targets for renewable energy, with several European countries are already nearing the 2050 goal of 50% penetration. With greater reliance on renewable energy comes a need to represent and proactively handle their uncertainty and intermittency. To meet this challenge, several new market and operational designs have been put forth, based on explicitly including renewable uncertainty in the market clearing or operational formulation.

This summer school aims to give participants practical experience with these methods, enabling the participant to design and implement them, and analyze their outcomes. The summer school focuses on three methods in particular; stochastic, robust and interval optimization. As these methods typically require solving large optimization problems, techniques for decomposing large-scale problems are also introduced.


Programme description 


Participants of the course will:

  • Gain practical experience with stochastic, robust and interval optimization and decomposition techniques applied to energy systems
  • See relevant examples of these techniques used in cutting-edge research
  • Sharpen their peer review and feedback skills by reviewing other participants’ work

Students are expected to have experience with formulating and implementing optimization problems (e.g. in GAMS, Python or Matlab). Experience with power system operation and/or electricity market clearing will make the sessions easier to follow.

The course is divided into three main activities. The first two days comprise tutorial sessions introducing relevant techniques. Then, the morning sessions of the third and fourth days consist of presentations on the use of these techniques in energy applications.
Finally, for the remainder of the time course participants apply a chosen technique to a case study, presenting their findings on the last day for peer review.


Course registration


The deadline is extended to June 1st, 2016.


Registration is open to all: MSc students, Phd students and industrial participants.
Limited slots are available.


  • Students and EES-UETP members: EUR 500
  • Non-students: EUR 850

Fees cover breakfast, lunch and social events.
Accommodation from Sunday 3rd of July to the morning of Sunday 10th of July is available for and additional fee of EUR 100.


For more information or to register for the summer school, please contact us at cee-summerschool@elektro.dtu.dk

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