The symposium


Louisiana invites art-historical academics, museum professionals and curators for a two-day exchange of research and critical debate

on global modernism(s). The symposium is organized by the Louisiana research programme forcusing on Multiple Modernities.


In political, social, geographical and cultural ways the world must be seen as more consistently modernized after 1945 and in much

closer contact with global contemporaneity. In recent years the crucial years of the mid-20th century (after the demarcation line of

1945) have been subject to reassessment and new interest in both academic studies and curatorial activities. Notions of multiple

modernities (Eisenstadt 2000), global modernisms, and even planetary modernisms (Friedman 2015) have heralded a paradigm shift

in the way we think about modernity and aesthetic modernism. Instead of being seen, as a contrast to the pluralist contemporary

characterized by the cultural and political power structures of Western hegemony or the straight lines of High Modernism, and the

depressing shadow of the Cold War threat, the era is being reinterpreted with an intense new interest that redraws the map of well-

known genealogies and classifications. As part of this reassessment the postwar era has become more visible and distinctive. This is

highlighted by epithets such as “Modern”, “Postwar” and “Midcentury”, suggesting a specific experience in a catchy way, but also

pointing to the complexity of multiple and unfamiliar modernisms and the unravelling of longstanding narratives. Moving from these

assumptions we are setting out to redraw the map of modernism, in both geographical locations and thematic territories, with peaks

and fault lines.


Registration fee DKK 750/students DKK 500. The fee includes entrance, coffees and lunches.



                          Kristian Handberg, Postdoc at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and The University of Copenhagen

                          Marie Laurberg, Curator at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

                          Flavia Frigeri, Teaching Fellow, UCL - University College London (former Curator, Tate Modern)

                          Karen Westphal Eriksen, Postdoc, The University of Copenhagen


Questions about the symposium can be addressed to Kristian Handberg,



The symposium is supported by: Statens Kunstfond, The Carlsberg Foundation and The University of Copenhagen

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - Gammel Strandvej 13 - 3050 - Humlebæk - +45-30385827